The Top 8 Benefits of Digital Platforms (2023)

The telco world is complex; with the nature of subscriptions, high-priced devices, equipment, installations, and more, there’s no denying it! On top of this, telcos are riddled with outdated legacy systems that disrupt their success and dominate their processes. It’s no wonder the industry is famous for poor customer experiences.

However, telcos have an opportunity to transform themselves from slow, complicated laggards, to connected leaders, by adopting a digital commerce platform.

The benefits of platforms are endless. They help telcos provide a seamless, modern customer experience, while increasing efficiency, saving costs…the list goes on!

To save myself the effort of listing every benefit a commerce platform delivers (and you the effort of reading them all), I’ve curated a list of the top 8 benefits telcos can quickly leverage by implementing the right digital commerce platform. Enjoy!

1. Reduce Environmental Impact

The planet and the state of our environment are top of mind right now, and rightfully so. Many telcos want to offset their carbon footprint. What better way than by finally getting rid of paper in your channels?

Digital contract solutions are a key part of a telco platform. Not only do they reduce paper costs (by over 85%), but they also save millions of pieces of paper, trees, and water. It’s a win-win opportunity.

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Green initiatives really capture the attention of today’s environmentally conscious customer base. So go paperless and share your green story far and wide.

2. Reduce Call Centre Volumes

When a customer makes a new purchase, the telco’s goal is to ensure they know everything before they leave (when their first bill is due, what charges they can expect, how to top up, how to seek urgent service, and what to do if they damage their phone).

Fail to do this, and your contact centre will be overrun with calls, which costs a lot of unnecessary time, effort, and money.

Instead, select a digital contract solution that incorporates Walk Out Working steps into the signature flow. This way, crucial information is never forgotten, and compliance can be audited across all lines of business.

And if customers do have an inquiry, contact centre staff can pull up the customers’ contract with just a few clicks, or even re-send it to them, facilitating a speedy resolution.

It’s one simple change that will put you on the path to customer success.

3) Achieve Higher NPS

Brand sentiment is everything in today’s highly competitive telco landscape. Platforms are a telco’s secret weapon when it comes to customer experience. Platforms enable fast, efficient transactions and contain customer-friendly features like digital contract signing, self-service solutions and omnichannel capabilities. Make it easy for your clients to shop with you, and they’re return the favour with their loyalty!

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4) Diversify Your Channel Strategy

Brick and mortar locations are expensive. As telcos get more mature, channel strategies need to be modelled to fit the 2020s, and beyond. Channel strategy is not “one size fit all”; telcos must carefully plan where they have a presence, and why, so they can go where their customers are.

That said, there is one strategy that will work in every market: self-service. Telcos need to jump and add self-service technologies to their portfolio.

Vending-enabled kiosk are a great example. Install these kiosks in a high-footfall supermarket, and suddenly you can have a physical presence in an under-served, or cost-prohibitive area for little investment. It just makes sense!

But to do self-service right, these solutions must be part of an overall platform so they can easily communicate with your warehouse, inventory management, and point of sale solutions.

5) Automatically Manage Customer Premises Equipment

Building on the “robot store” theme above, how frustrating is it to manage new, damaged, or defective Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)?

Some customers must make long journeys to your locations, only to find a replacement is not in stock. Or they wait all day for a delivery that doesn’t arrive.

The simple solution is automated self-service kiosks with secure lockers. Replenish half the lockers with new CPE that customers can swap for and use the other half to receive incoming damaged boxes.

Imagine heading to your local supermarket with your broken TV box, and in 3 minutes, securely leaving it in locker 5317 and getting a real time replacement from locker 5402? What an experience!

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6) Let Customers Help Themselves

People are surprisingly busy in 2021 (despite the restrictions!). Time is precious, and people don’t want to waste it. I’d rather go hungry than queue for 30 minutes at Starbucks, for example - and I like my food! 😊

Telcos need to make their retail experiences as quick and easy as possible. A platform-connected self-care app will let your customers to do everything they need to, whether they are on the bus or on the beach.

Want an appointment at 12:30 tomorrow so you can visit the telco store below your office on your lunch break? Sure.

Need to add to your plan? Click, click, click, done.

Upgrade your contract and device, and have it delivered to work tomorrow? No problem.

Today’s customers need to be able to do things when and how they want. Make sure you have the connected digital solutions that let them do so.

7) Unite Every Channel

The ability to start something in one channel and complete it in another is something that a lot of telcos have really struggled with. Differing commission liabilities, disparate inventory and poor business processes have left many telcos short in this area.

A platform approach lets you stitch your channels together so you can offer an omnichannel experience. Imagine this scenario. Your customer started a transaction in-store but forgot their ID documents. No problem – simply pause the transaction, and the customer can go home, re-start the sale, upload their ID pictures, checkout online, and arrange for delivery. The secret to success is allowing your customer to transact anywhere they want! A platform approach lets you stitch your channels together so customers can start their transaction in one channel and finish it in another.

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With the right platform, telcos can enable nearly 200 omnichannel journeys that span everything from click and collect to “try in-store, buy online”, and everything in between.

Sounds good to me – can your systems do that today?

8) Headcount Efficiency

Certain transactions are a pain for many telcos and place a heavy burden on retail stores.

Changing your address? “OK, I’ll need your proof of ID, and this, and that...just a second, I need to photocopy that…”. A simple change can take 20 minutes before it’s all done.

Sales advisors are expensive. Instead of running around playing administrator, their time could have been better served selling a new quad play plan to a competitor’s customer.

Why not put these transactions on a self-service kiosk? You can scan your passport at most airports nowadays, why not at the telco store? Or at the kiosk in the supermarket? Or using an integrated self-care app?

Invest in a digital platform and watch your queues and poor NPS scores become a thing of the past.


It’s 2021. There has never been a better time to make changes, stop letting your legacy infrastructure hold you back.

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It really doesn’t matter which billing stack you have, how your CRM works, or who holds the master of your inventory. A platform approach reduces vendor count, and seamlessly integrates into your back-office systems to make all of the above not only possible, but a great experience for all.

We’d be happy to talk it through with you. Contact us today and get started.


What are the benefits of digital platforms? ›

These platforms enable users to share different information, like new products and services, and connect the platform's ecosystem. Creating a robust network for increasing value is also made possible by this technology.

What are 3 benefits of platform technology? ›

Benefits of a modern platform

Provides data management. Supports workload management. Connects and accelerates development through internal and third-party integration. Provides a modern user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

What are the 5 benefits of social media? ›

Here are five advantages of social media use:
  • Build relationships. Social media is used for more than just brand-customer interaction. ...
  • Share your expertise. You have the chance to talk about what you know and what you want to be recognized for on social media. ...
  • Increase your visibility. ...
  • Educate yourself. ...
  • Connect anytime.
Sep 20, 2022

What are 3 benefits of digital media? ›

Opportunities and Benefits
  • Digital media empowers people and facilitates social interaction. ...
  • Digital media increases civic participation, gives people a voice, and facilitates the creation of communities. ...
  • Digital media is revolutionizing how work is done. ...
  • Digital media has facilitated education and life-long learning.
Mar 7, 2021

What are five 5 the benefits of the technology? ›

The advantages of technology continue to evolve, but here are a few of the positive developments of technology in the classroom!
  • Provides A More Engaged Learning Environment. ...
  • Prepares Students for the Future. ...
  • Connects Better with Students. ...
  • Boosts Collaboration. ...
  • Supports Learning. ...
  • Gamified Learning. ...
  • Virtual Field Trips.
Oct 29, 2021

What are 4 advantages of technology? ›

Technology helps in better communication, treatment of diseases, has helped reached space, and wherever you look around, it is there. It not only helps develop the present but also the future. Technology thus is an essential part of our lives and will also be the same, as it will be evolving day by day.

What are the most common benefits of using technology? ›

Technology has made great progress not only in daily life but also in medical field. People can be treated more easily thanks to technology and can stay in hospital environment more comfortably. 6. Another benefit of technology is that it can quickly convey human thoughts to other people.

What are 10 positive effects of social media? ›

The Positive Effects of Social Media
  • Building Relationships and Staying Connected. Social media can make it easy to find groups of like-minded people or make new friends. ...
  • Finding Your Voice. ...
  • Showing Empathy and Kindness. ...
  • Offering Support. ...
  • Better Communication. ...
  • Spreading News. ...
  • Building a Business. ...
  • Establishing Authority.
Nov 1, 2021

What are the 10 advantage of social media? ›

Advantages of Social Media
  • Connectivity. Connectivity is among the most significant benefits of social media. ...
  • Education. The use of social media in education is commendable. ...
  • Information and Updates. ...
  • Awareness. ...
  • Share Anything With Others. ...
  • Helps in Building Communities. ...
  • Noble Cause. ...
  • Mental Health.
Feb 6, 2023

What is the best Digital Platform? ›

Google and Facebook are the superior digital advertising platforms. Surveyed marketers named Google and Facebook as their top digital advertising platforms in terms of both usage and performance. A whopping 87% of respondents use Google, and the same percentage use Facebook.

What are 4 advantages of digital communication? ›

The benefits of digital communication far outweigh any drawbacks it may have. With digital communication, you can reduce turnover, create an inclusive work environment, increase engagement, provide seamless experiences, promote transparency, and ultimately save both time and money.

Why is digital so important? ›

Digital transformation puts technology at the core of business strategy. This approach can reduce operating expenses and inefficiency. It could even change the course of your business. With a unified model across business and technology, it's easier to achieve future ambitions.

What are the 7 benefits of marketing? ›

The 7 Biggest Benefits of Sales and Marketing Working Together
  • Better Qualified Leads.
  • Better Engagement and Stronger Relationships.
  • Accurate Buyer Personas.
  • Better and Clearer Feedback.
  • Stay Ahead of the Competition.
  • Increased Revenue.
  • Better Marketing Materials.

What are 5 Advantages of using the Internet? ›

What are the advantages of the Internet?
  • Information, knowledge, and learning. ...
  • Connectivity, communication, and sharing. ...
  • Anonymity and making people equal. ...
  • Address, mapping, and contact information. ...
  • Banking, bills, and shopping. ...
  • Selling and making money. ...
  • Collaboration, work from home, and access to a global workforce.
Nov 18, 2022

What are the 5 benefits of educational technology? ›

  • Benefit #1: Makes Students More Engaged and Helps Them Retain Information.
  • Benefit #2: Accommodates Multiple Learning Styles.
  • Benefit #3: Encourages Collaboration.
  • Benefit #4: Provides Instant Feedback for Teachers.
  • Benefit #5: Prepares Students for the Future.

What are 10 advantages of science and technology? ›

The advantages of Science and Technology are:
  • It will make our life easier.
  • It helps us organize our daily activities.
  • This helps our work can be done faster.
  • It helps us to communicate more easily with others.
  • This helps us to better know and understand other cultures and societies.
5 days ago

What are the 10 benefits of information technology in education? ›

Contents show
  • It Can Enhance Interaction and Increase Student Engagement.
  • Mobile Apps Help in Systematic Learning.
  • Mobile Learning Is Accessible Any Time, Any Place.
  • Technology Offers New Learning Techniques.
  • Apps Can Enable Teachers to Decrease Their Paperwork.
  • Classroom Apps Can Benefit Parents.
Apr 12, 2022

What is the positive impact of digital technology? ›

Digital technology makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family, and work remotely, even if you are in another part of the world. You can communicate by words, video, audio, and exchange other media. Websites, apps, and software have all been created to help users to socialize.

What are the benefits of technology in today's society? ›

Other ways technology is seen to have a positive effect on society include increased knowledge and understanding, improvements in industry and jobs and an interconnectedness of the world as a result of globalization. Just 8% of Americans say technology has mostly had negative effects on society.

What are 3 effects of social media? ›

Social media harms

However, social media use can also negatively affect teens, distracting them, disrupting their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumor spreading, unrealistic views of other people's lives and peer pressure.

What are the pros and cons of social media? ›

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media
Pros of Social MediaCons of Social Media
Social Media Can Reach Large AudiencesSocial Media Causes Sleep Issues
Government Benefits from Social MediaSocial Media Cause Depression and Loneliness
Entertainment with Social MediaSocial Media Causes Distraction
7 more rows
Feb 6, 2023

Why social media is important? ›

What are the benefits of using social media? Billions of people around the world use social media to share information and make connections. On a personal level, social media allows you to communicate with friends and family, learn new things, develop your interests, and be entertained.

What is the biggest benefit of social media? ›

In general, social media groups can provide: a sense of belonging and community. access to support from like-minded individuals. an appreciation of different perspectives.

What are 3 pros and 3 cons of social media? ›

Pros & Cons of Social Media
Put yourself out there in a good wayPosting inappropriate statuses/pictures
Connect with students in other educational systemsMaking people feel bad about themselves
Make new friends/communicate or connect with old friends/familyCyberbullying
15 more rows

What are the 8 types of media? ›

Modern media comes in many different formats, including print media (books, magazines, newspapers), television, movies, video games, music, cell phones, various kinds of software, and the Internet.

What is a Digital Platform give examples? ›

Digital platform is any electronic tool for communication includes desktop, mobile, social and email software this covers websites and Social Media - Twitter, Amazon, Wattpad, etc.

How does a Digital Platform work? ›

Digital platforms are an online space where exchange happens between the producers of products, services, and information and their customers. Outside of the customer relationship, it also includes the community of other users that engage with the platform.

What are the most common platform types? ›

Consider 11 common types below:
  1. Operating system. An operating system manages all the application software and programs on a computer or mobile phone. ...
  2. Database management system (DBMS) ...
  3. Engagement platforms. ...
  4. Digital marketplace. ...
  5. On-demand service platforms. ...
  6. Web platform. ...
  7. Video game software. ...
  8. Data harvesting platforms.
Nov 12, 2022

How many people use digital platforms? ›

A total of 5.16 billion people around the world use the internet at the start of 2023, which is equivalent to 64.4 percent of the world's total population.

What are the Nine online platforms? ›

  • Technology Platforms. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Twilio are examples of Technology Platforms. ...
  • Computing Platforms. ...
  • Utility Platforms. ...
  • Interaction Networks. ...
  • Marketplaces. ...
  • On-demand Service Platforms. ...
  • Content Crowdsourcing Platforms. ...
  • Data Harvesting Platforms.
Jun 12, 2016

What is the importance of platform technology? ›

Developing platform technology can be used for drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics study. Platform technology can support us to identify new drug leads. The benefits of platform technology are as follow: Reduction of process development efforts, time and costs.

What are the three 3 levels of platforms? ›

The platform-based business model can be represented in three levels defined by three lines: Core line, Integration line, and Exchange line.

What are the three types of platform? ›

The good news is that any of the three forms of platforms—aggregation, social, and mobilisation—have the potential to evolve into learning platforms.

What are types of platforms? ›

11 types of technology platforms
  • Operating system. An operating system manages all the application software and programs on a computer or mobile phone. ...
  • Database management system (DBMS) ...
  • Engagement platforms. ...
  • Digital marketplace. ...
  • On-demand service platforms. ...
  • Web platform. ...
  • Video game software. ...
  • Data harvesting platforms.
Nov 12, 2022

What is the definition of Digital Platform? ›

A digital platform is an established device erected on present-day cloud technology that makes the evolution of software or programs easy. It is, nevertheless, not a product in itself. The services, applications, and solutions on the platform are the products that you as a customer will interact with and pay for.

What is the main platform function? ›

Platform businesses use technology to curate access and usage between multiple user groups with a goal of facilitating an exchange of value.

What is the basic platform? ›

In personal computing, a platform is the basic hardware (computer) and software (operating system) on which software applications can be run. This environment constitutes the basic foundation upon which any application or software is supported and/or developed.

How many types of platforms are there? ›

The nine platform types are listed below along with the type of value exchange that defines their core transaction: Exchange: Services marketplace: a service. Product marketplace: a physical product.


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